"Coach Walters was one of the best trainers I have ever worked with. His routines were different than my other routines with prior trainers. He really focused with me on my strength and flexibility that help me greatly with my balance. Just working with him for a few short months I went down in body fat and have developed more lean muscle than I have before. Thanks to him I am able to succeed, and incorporate his workouts with my everyday routine." 



"I've watched Peter transform his body through a variety of regimented exercises,  Including weight lifting, calisthenics, horizontal bar work, while embracing a healthy diet and lifestyle. As a Personal Trainer, Peter can not only impact his clients with his knowledge, but also by sharing his personal health and fitness journey."


Lee Kemp, 3 time World Champion and Olympic Coach

"I had the opportunity to train with Pete for the last 6 months. Pete has worked with me on a total body fitness plan. We did training with kettle bells, free weights, rubber bands, medicine ball, and machines. Pete has an extensive amount of knowledge when it comes to nutrition and exercise. I am stronger than I ever have been in my life. He constantly changes up his routine and has great workouts that push you and get results.   I take ski trips out west every year and my legs used to always get very fatigued after the first day. After all of the work I did with Pete, I was skiing very steep terrain for 3 straight days in Colorado, and my legs never got sore this time around. Aside from all of his knowledge and killer workouts, Pete is an example of practicing what he preaches."  


I’ve known Pete for 25 years.  Pete embodies the meaning of integrity and his positive mental attitude and work ethic have set him apart and made him someone that people trust and want to be around, including myself and my family.

Years ago I was a police officer and fitness was a crucial part of my life.  Following my career as a police officer, I battled PTSD for many years.  Fitness was no longer a priority and I struggled with insomnia.  I couldn’t fall asleep without a pill and I began eating in my sleep.  I saw many doctors who all wanted to call it an eating/sleep disorder and prescribe me sleep medication to keep me in bed all night.  None of this worked.  I found I was also pre-diabetic.

In November of last year my wife showed me a picture of Pete.  It didn’t look like the Pete I remembered so I had to call and see how he did it.  I had tried many fads over the years but nothing worked.  I trusted Pete and knew what he would tell me would benefit me.  Pete discussed the concept of intermittent fasting, advised me on a diet change, and the importance of getting sleep.  Pete felt that my sleep eating was likely due to my poor diet and he suggested that I try a Ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting.  Following his advice, I started this change and strictly stuck to it.  For the FIRST time in 7 years, I was not getting up to eat in the middle of the night, I went from 205 to 188 lbs in just 2.5 months AND I was sleeping without the assistance of sleeping pills.  My energy shot up as did my mental attitude.  These were things I never expected to happen.  After a follow-up visit to my doctor and blood tests, my good cholesterol levels, which had never been good, were in the green, my blood pressure was normal again, and I exhibited no signs of having that same pre-diabetic condition.

These new lifestyle choices have changed my life as well as those around me.  Family and friends have noticed the change and are incorporating these habits into their lives now.  I owe this success and my motivation to Pete who’s been there to coach me and who has provided me with the knowledge to do what he did.  I’m 40 years old now and look better than I did when I was in my 20’s.  I really cannot thank Pete enough and cannot recommend him enough!!